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tv   Headline News  RT  August 10, 2013 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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caught in the crossfire al qaeda extremists slaughter hundreds of kurds living in northern syria showing no mercy to women and children in their path to creating a breakaway islamic state. brock obama lashes out at moscow for what he calls a cold war stance small russia demands america after like adults we report on the spike in tensions triggered by the snowden saga. and moscow gears up for its first mayor elections in a decade we'll look at how the leading candidates the acting city chief and a prominent opposition are planning to win votes.
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broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is our team is going to have you with us. now the leader of iraq's northern province of kurdistan has said that his fighters could intervene to protect kurds in neighboring syria who are facing daily attacks from rebel forces. factions which initially flooded into syria to find the assad government are now preparing to declare an islamist state in the country's north east and the kurdish minority in their way or to his policy or reports. we've been speaking to eyewitnesses relatives and also kurdish journalists and from the sequence of events that we've been able to piece together that come the nineteenth of july you had an assault by islamist extremists at that stage they placed a bomb in a local kurdish school they also rounded up and abducted a number of civilians the very next day and number of could these houses in various kurdish enclave were blown up there was also an entire kurdish village that was
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destroyed and some five hundred people were kidnapped that violence continued into early august when you had the reported killing of at least some seventy kurds and the abduction of another three hundred and fifty now this week we saw a massacre in which some four hundred and fifty kurds were killed from the figures we've been receiving seven hundred twenty of them were children some three hundred and thirty of them were women that massacre happening in a syrian town on the turkish border not neither damascus nor the opposition has actually confirmed that massacre but we have been speaking to eyewitnesses and this is what they told us back in we said we actually came into villages and started to blame the locals are being paid to us it was during ramadan they open fire on villagers people came onto the streets men women and children they fired at everyone who came in the way they captured many young men and began to cut them
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with knives we told them that we were muslims too but they said that they would continue to kill us so they also said that our grant to them or money or property or women may begin tomorrow everyone around my nephew was killed. when civilians escaped their shot militias raided their house and blew up some of them and robbed others the conditions are very bad people are in fear and terrorized the all nusra fighters are out of control there raiding the streets there's no media coverage and anyone who tries to reach out. it's being kidnapped by the militants and one of the problems we face is that some reports are difficult to verify as you heard there from kurds we've been speaking to they say that if they come forward and they report on any abductions kidnappings and killings they themselves run the risk of being murdered so what you have is there's a cd out of the language that is being carried out by the islamist fighters this is resulting in the sprayed of this information you have the scarcity of sources this
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too is leading to discrepancies in the reports that are making it into the international media and then of course you have videos that are being posted online that are sometimes difficult to independently verify there was one video that was posted that the porter to show the killing of kurds it said that they were burned to death later this turned out to be false now we could simms solves say that the attacks are being carried out by islamised fighters that are linked to al qaida you have as one of these groups the all nusra front and this is an organization that is pledged to establish an islamic state in northern syria this is precisely the area where these kurds are living so this is why although for some time you've had the kurds on the periphery of the conflict increasingly we're seeing them in the line of fire well journalist a david morgan believes the latest massacre of kurds should be a signal for the backers of regime change in syria to stop their war monger. the
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rebels are looking for a faction and all the other groups have been trying been trying to provoke you know the kurds into into conflict since bill for quite some time has been there's been incursions there quite some time. and it looks like there was a massacre of some kind the numbers are not certain and it does say that children and children with him or those of. civilians like they leave been been killed is a war cry but if it's true for it should be investigated and i would say that the international powers the e.u. and america are in that un they should this would be a block or nouns going in going into the weeds willing to solve the suit the syrian conflict is the route that's being pursued at the moment is not going to lead to any democratic syria the things will get worse. turkey has found itself trying to balance a two seemingly contradictory roles backing the syrian rebels while at the same
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time trying to mend its historically hostile relations with the kurds on r.t. dot com filmmaker and patrick henningsen shares his thoughts on current dilemma. well where do u.s. russia relations stand that's the question the two countries can't seem to find the same answer to moscow says there are no signs of cold war mentality but washington is calling for diplomatic ties to be paused and reassessed that's in the wake of president obama canceling a meeting with vladimir putin after moscow's decision to grant temporary asylum to fugitive whistleblower edward snowden arties going to church you can comment
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remember the meeting between russian and u.s. officials at the state department comes days after president obama canceled the bilateral summit with the russian president is the more and more often we hear about a new cold war between moscow and washington so everyone was listening very closely to what officials on both sides were saying and we heard two different messages coming from president obama and four minutes to laugh off the remember very well what you said when we were saying goodbye he said well i believe that we can make a difference in the rest of america listens let's. as adults. and that's what we're trying to do because if you for. small incidents. become an impediment to everything goes. i think it would be that would be a very good six through this president obama in the meantime did the opposite he
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has basically hyped up the cold war talk when president putin who was prime minister warned that it was president came back into power i think we saw more rhetoric on the russian side that was anti-american that. played into some of the old stereotypes about the cold war contests between the united states and russia and i've encouraged mr putin to. think forward as opposed to back on those issues with mixed success president obama also said in light of all the disagreements with russia mentioning syria and snowden it's time to make appalls and to recalibrate the tone of the talks at the state department at least the opening part that we have seen that was different there was an agreement on both sides that they should not lead disagreements and scandals completely overshadow whatever progress the two countries can actually make one area where the two
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countries can make a difference is the crisis in syria both state the objective the same objective that they want to political solution that they want to bring all sides of the syrian conflict together in geneva to try and make. such a political solution the syrian opposition says they are not going to sit down a one paper with those who have blood on their hands moscow says in order to stop the bloodshed all hands need to come to the negotiating table and foreign minister lavrov this friday he said that secretary kerry assured him that the opposition will be there at that negotiating table so there were some very serious issues on the agenda like syria like missile defense in europe where russia and the u.s. obviously don't see eye to eye but making progress on any of those topics becomes that much harder when the relations are defined by scandals and today we heard foreign minister lavrov trying very hard to ease the tension to move it away from the cold war talk but president obama's remarks seem to have exacerbated the
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tension. international relations expert shirin sadeghi spoke to r.t. about the latest spat she thinks it would be a mistake for the u.s. to let anger prevail over judgment as too many world issues depend on diplomatic agreement between the two countries. the u.s. administration simply cannot afford to exclude russia from important talks on very important issues. before snowden happens a couple months ago those issues were very much to do with syria and some foreign policy issues as well as some economic issues that the u.s. and russia have in common it just seems that this particular snowden affair has unleashed a level of anger in the u.s. government that has that is preventing them from actually doing what they do very well which is to manage foreign policy manage crises and use the press to do
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that i think it's actually. a very unique and rarely seen a sign of weakness. now while some analysts double obama's reaction as over the top it's quite mild compared to what some u.s. lawmakers want senators and members of congress are demanding that russia is punished for giving that snowden temporary asylum and you can tell us what you think this crisis bodes for russia on our website or to dot com let's take a look so far almost three quarters of you believe that very little will change seventy one percent this blue swath right here of the pie they say that u.s. russia relations were already bad to begin with and it won't affect much more after that now just under one fifth think of that economic ties are too important and consequently there will be no effect now six percent in orange here say that this whole deal with snowden is just a minor blip and that relations aren't that bad after all and in green the small sliver about four percent think russia will be made to suffer for giving safe haven
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to the n.s.a. whistleblower you can have your say r.t. dot com now at the same news conference where president obama touched upon the chilly relations with moscow he vowed reforms before the disputed n.s.a. surveillance program he pledged more transparency but gave no indication that the mass data collection will be halted having listened to obama's speech caleb maupin of the international action center thinks the american president is unlikely to put words into action. if you listen to the speech not much is really proposed that's actually concrete there's talk of some you know a privacy advocate being appointed to a board and you really see that not much is really going to change if you actually actually listen closely and you know as much as when obama was campaigning for president he made a lot of promises about protecting whistleblowers and all of that you see not much of this is changing in the fact that obama came out and gave this address and it's proposing these reforms which aren't that sweeping but sound sound really great the
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reason he did that is a response to the public opinion people all over the united states are outraged you know that their rights are not being protected and all of this this patriotic stuff we hear about freedom and the u.s. is the greatest country in the world because the freedom how it's really it's really not true it's a lot of propaganda that's used to push us to war and to push us to blindly support government policies. coming up later in the program at the concept of picking your own food one reaches a whole new level as the fast food culture takes a bite out of quality meals we report from one far more customers get a chance to meet what will soon be put on their plates. plus one of the globe's largest sporting events opens in moscow for the first time with over two thousand athletes competing in the russian capital at the world athletics championships. and wasted holidays british tourists uncontrollable drinking habits are causing headaches for u.k. embassies around the world with these stories and much more after
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a short break right here on our to. wealthy british. market. happening to the global economy with. the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports.
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with. technology innovation all these developments from around russia. covered. and welcome back you're watching our team the heated race to become moscow's new mayor is in full swing with candidates now officially allowed to promote themselves in the media and with less than a month left till the vote all eyes are now focused on the top two candidates the city's acting head is expected to face a stiff challenge from a prominent opposition or parties and he said now it takes a look at the front runners platforms. and they're off the last leg of the campaign has officially begun in the first election for moscow's mayor in ten years there are six candidates over seven million registered voters and
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a lot of promises being made it's not easy to please a city of an estimated fourteen million people there are major problems huge projects and the seemingly never ending fight against corruption incumbent serviceably on and his team in office for two years are confident the city's streets speak for themselves. have been completely changed the city is prorated have been public space fighting traffic development of public transportation and to take medicine and education to new levels of development of and his plan is to continue that work if he is elected but also running is anti corruption blogger an opposition leader alexei nonviolently recently wrapped up in a fraud scandal arrested and then released his campaign volunteers are promising a new moscow have you ever been to paris that's what we want. green everywhere look here for two months they've been putting down tiles bike paths our plans for
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traffic will be like the rest of the world not like some banyan. although a staunch critic of the government now vine is platform so far sounds a lot like some guidance it's a liberal program you know it's a program geared for the reach for the reach young and active you know so that they would be able to survive in the seat you so what about those who are old poor and need support but a state media is focused on some value and opposition media with some help from the west and from angels is promoting of all me so the core mission of the socialists are sidelined but i think they were kind of this format shape you i mean you go you know a scientist. also i think that is a man a scientist a socialist kind of i think the program was more humane either way the vote is expected to draw tremendous turnout that's media coverage and possibly even controversy and he's now
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a r t moscow. having fun and relaxing are what holidays are all about but it seems some brits just don't know when they've had enough of a good thing british tourists are among the most notorious drinkers around the world and as our tease sarah further explains they seem to think that nothing can stop them. we say you pull the take a and you're finally off on your holiday to say the very last thing you want to have happen is to get into trouble boarding at nineteen thousand people so consular assistance last year according to the latest figures by the foreign and commonwealth office into british behavior a broad there has been a rise in some countries of more serious crimes and that's cool saying concern in particular the statistics around rape and sexual assaults are up by ten percent now the countries that have been pinpointed as a particular areas of concern especially in turkey and boys all countries popular
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with young holidaymakers all countries renowned for their very busy night life now it has to be said the brits do tend to have a bit of a reputation was an out the whole continues to be a major factor in many of the problems i think we are as a nation quiet. approach especially for you you often see brits completely drunk out of their heads. yeah our co-host the biggest banks to earn income above says nineteen thousand people so consular assistant thing a lot of it's going to be youngsters getting drunk a little bit a little bit different and so the foreign and commonwealth office reminding travelers once again to keep safe. well we have plenty more stories for you online including a toxic spill over contaminated ground water accumulating under the fukushima nuclear power plant in japan has risen above the protective barrier and is now
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leaking into the pacific ocean on our website we have all of the details and the live updates on the situation. plus time to make a wish hundreds of shooting stars will dart across the sky over the next two nights you can head to our t. dot com to read more on this huge media shower event. right see. first for. an i think that you're. on a reporter's. instrument. to be in the. well it's one of the biggest sports events out there with only the fifo world cup and the olympics boasting more popularity the world athletics championships has kicked
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off in moscow for the first time artie's lindsey france has details. it was a beautiful day to kick off the competition here at luzhniki stadium beautiful blue skies and sunny weather for the nearly two thousand athletes coming from two hundred six countries to participate in this event now it runs and runs until august eighteenth and so there's plenty of time to get an eyeful of these amazing athletes that show their stuff here on the field now two events have gone on so far the women's marathon that was run along the moscow river it was taken by kenya and the men's ten thousand meter was taken by england very impressive shows by both of them are people coming from far and wide throughout russia. stadium to catch sight of these athletes these are athletes that are not often covered in the media they are not on the cover of magazines and cereal boxes these are people that are oftentimes under the radar but they work very very hard to hone their skills to become experts and we are getting to see that here now the topic that is on the tip
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of everyone's tongue does seem to be the legislation that came out of the russian government to prohibiting the promotion of a homosexual lifestyle to juveniles and that seems to clash very much with be such olympics coming up so soon in twenty fourteen many people's political personalities and even in pop culture have spoken up and even promoted the idea of boycotting the olympics by certain countries teams however many leaders such as prime minister david cameron have also spoken up and said that boycotting would actually hurt the dialogue keeping the participation going in the olympics is something that furthers the dialogue in a situation like this and it's also worth noting that these athletes do spend a very large portion of their lives preparing for these events and to take that away from them because of a discord like this just seems cruel and so that argument also been put on the table over it something that will mark the discussion of the olympics up until and
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even during the event and so definitely. participates in the. reporting for us there now to some other international news making headlines around the world for you this hour you're looking at live pictures here from cairo in egypt where thousands. of egypt's ousted president mohamed morsy are rallying in cairo in the capital there protesters are demanding that the deposed leader be brought back to power egypt has witnessed mass demonstrations both in support and against the country's first democratically elected president since he was toppled by the army on july third and again these are live pictures coming from egypt. alleged al qaeda militants have been killed and two more wounded in a suspected u.s. drone strike in southern yemen according to the country's military officials the
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attack destroyed a vehicle traveling on a mountain road in la province the drone strike is the ninth in the country since the end of july. multiple car bombs across iraq have killed up to sixty nine people and wounded around two hundred nine separate blasts rocked mainly shiite areas of baghdad targeting cafes markets and restaurants there in the city of kirkuk a bomb exploded exploded near a mosque more than one thousand people were killed in the month of july the deadliest month. well today it's not a problem to take a quick bite if you have a lot on your plate just warm your food in a microwave but not approach is simply not good enough they want to know exactly what they're munching on. one german farmer who has found a way to satisfy even the most picky of appetites. europeans want to know
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exactly where their food is coming from this year we've seen the scandal of forced me being passed off as beef and ready meals and the genetically modified crop giant monsanto decides that there isn't a market for them in you. all this is given one pig farmer an idea how to assure customers that his product is the best it can be and trying to do. it simple to see the environment where that it will take an animal has grown up they get to see them in a field surrounded by grass not in some big stock even if. buying from burned is a little different from going to your local organic butcher customers pick their pig from photos online and then through a web cam they can watch the animal growling get back in and then several months later they receive their requested cut. the idea behind this belongs to a student from berlin who denys bookman his philosophy was that people should look
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better quality products he wanted to increase awareness and make it known how produced with famous chefs politicians and styles of music and sport queuing up the bones products from the caucus and some with a whole pig going for around four hundred fifty euros i can spot and their policy on customers like to have transparency in the production process and people want to know where their meat comes from if we're looking to fill that niche . these days more and more people are concerned where their food has come from but for some just because you like pork chops doesn't mean you want to come face to face with the pig. that you wouldn't like it would become to tell you i'm sorry because it could be thinking. oh yeah tastes great but i'm not sure i would have liked to see it when it was a lie many though seem happy enough to watch their dinner. it grow from
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a free range piglets to a juicy. couplet. you get to see where the biggest comes from how to grow up in the live ultimately becomes his the problem i thought no problem. the pigs are grouped in a natural habitat with a big stage and better be closer but you know what you're eating in light of the recent scandal that is important with this because most dine is would say they want farm animals breed in healthy conditions before they get to the but whether you want a closer relationship with real to him you'll sausages of chops is reason a matter of taste he told a german. well coming up we have the first part in a series that the drug gangs and police raids and street violence that are an everyday reality for the mexican city of tijuana that's after a short break right here.
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wow revolutions in the middle east sure get a great deal of coverage what you don't mix a lot of sense revolutions or exciting t.v. peaceful protests or nice but footage of molotov cocktails flying and crazed crowds of local middle easterners really grab attention so there's a logical natural reason why some protest movements get a lot of coverage in the mainstream media well others kind of cult please forgive me for being conspiratorial but there is one revolution going down which does have all the exciting visuals of the arab spring but just doesn't get any of the mainstream coverage in fact unarmed people in this country recently stormed the parliament trapping ministers and lawmakers with that they held them down for eight hours demanding the government reside until police with shields smash their way through creating a narrow corridor through which the officials could escape now that sounds like exciting and visual. loose but why did you hear about it all over the mainstream
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press that's because it didn't happen in libya or egypt or any other exotic country but in good old vogue area right in the e.u. where u.s. and e.u. interests are best served by the status quo being maintained there is no need to hype up an intervention or kinetic action in bulgaria the only time you ever hear about the need for a crackdown in bulgaria is when a government there actually started working in bulgaria own interests and not the us desires but that's just my opinion. and any welcome to. here you can feel it.


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